Maria Esther Sund

Collage & Mixed Media




American Craft Magazine

October/November 2013 Issue

"At Home With Isabel Allende"

"Crafted Lives - Prolific author, political exile, and inveterate crafter Isabel Allende talks about the art and artifacts that share her home and imbue it with magic."

Interview by:

Deborah Bishop

Photography by:

Lori Barra

"...[Isabel Allende's] home in San

Rafael, California, is populated with evocative objects acquired along the way - a 17th-century poly-chrome saint...a 10-foot Amazonian blowgun...a fan's tribute wrought in the form of a trompe l'oeil book whose handmade paper pages spill over with amulets. Each provokes a memory and provides a jumping-off point for yet another story - a litany of tales at once fantastical and true."
(found on page 042)

Artist Maria-Esther Sund was moved by The House of the Spirits to create this tribute, filling it with handmade paper and affixing charms and amulets.

(found on page 044)

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